Shopit4me – E-commerce predictions for micro and small industries

We generally recall the names of some of the most famous and unbeatable e-retailers who promote and sell almost everything through the online mode which is readily available in the local markets as well. These companies have been making stupendous profits by selling the products as there is no specific purchaser to focus upon. Ever given a thought to the operations of the small scale businesses which mostly cater with single line products. How they create awareness, sell and whom they focus on are the questions amidst most of us.


Traditionally, these small scale manufacturers or businessmen produced and sold their products based on the predefined retailers demand. These micro-industries wouldn’t have even imagined of marketing their products and services via internet. Now the market demand has reached heights and to progress, taking support of the online marketing medium becomes an integral part of conducting business.

The edge these small scale firms get by depending on the online marketing strategy has opened multiple windows for the manufacturers, retailers, vendors and the end consumers at the same time.

  • E-commerce websites are a one time investment. It saves on the cost of staff, maintenance of a virtual store and warehousing.

  • You can showcase the products that are more in number and otherwise cannot be exhibited in a real store.

  • You can leverage the benefits of social media for enhancing the performance of the website.

  • E-commerce enables you to gain access to better quality information, and thus empowers you to take informed decisions about the business.

  • Eliminates the need for middlemen leading to lower transaction costs, reduced overhead, inventory, travel and labor costs.

  • A web presence can allow you to reach out to customers far beyond your immediate location.

  • Offers more brand awareness by offering new avenues for promotion of products and services.


These days, the cost of website designing and development are low in India due to the variety of reasons pertaining to competitiveness, easily available technical expertise, technological progression in country. Moreover, the government also offers great opportunities for these businesses to promote their scope.

The challenges these companies face are inevitable, not only in developed countries but also in developing ones all over the world.

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Having a badly designed website may put your business at a disadvantage as compared with the competitors. Making regular amendments and updates are highly important for the functionality of successful websites. There must be a personnel managing the sites and reciprocating to customer query and comments.

Since, these industries are usually situated in rural areas or the outskirts of towns and cities, delivery and transportation time and costs add up.

Despite investing huge amount on internet marketing, these firms cannot ignore taking advantage of other medias like the newspaper, magazines, leaflets, signboards etc.


Nevertheless, this modern concept of trading has blessed many small scale industries to flourish their business and earn better rewards. Companies, no matter how small it may be, prefer to undertake business electronically in order to save their investment costs in retail locations and outreach to global audience.



Future of e-commerce in India

Rapid growth of the internet has brought a revolution and  transition across the globe. Replacing the traditional methods the web has led to the emergence of modern paradigms. E-commerce is one such model which has come into existence in the presence of the internet. E-commerce or electronic commerce refers to online business or buying of goods and services over the internet. In this case the internet serves as a common platform where the buyers and sellers come together for the purpose of trading.
The e-commerce sector has thrived to come a long way in India but is low as compared to the existing online international markets. However, substituting the traditional ways of mortar brick shopping, electronic commerce has gained lot of popularity among the shoppers over time. Online market place has come into being which is flooded with countless online shopping sites, portals, e-shops and e-stores. Countless online shopping sites have skyrocketed indulging more and more shoppers in online shopping. E-commerce has expanded rapidly in the past five years and is expected to accelerate in the coming future.
There are several new players who have entered the online business arena, but looking at the overall growth there is a lot that needs to be achieved. Broadly, a large chunk of Indian consumers aren’t shopping online. The unique cultural preference of the Indian shoppers makes it difficult to penetrate into the mainstream.  Though e-commerce concept is new in India there are numerous reasons why it has a slow growth. Few of the basic reasons why Indian shoppers do not look forward to online shopping is due to the issues related to delivery of wrong products, time delays and cumbersome returns.  Such kinds of issues faced by the consumers discourage the buyers to shop over the internet.
Predictions state that due to the expansion of online stores and availability of A wide variety of merchandise and speedy services the e-commerce sector will witness a new high. The future appears to be promising as more and more buyers are likely to embrace new technology and adopt new methods. The convenience and ease that online shopping offers a buyer is noteworthy.  Online shopping sites offer good quality products at lower prices. The keen buyers get to experience the comfort of shopping from their laptop, mobile phone or any other internet device sitting at their home. The shopping enthusiasts can also subscribe to receive the latest offers, reviews and newsletters from various online stores.

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shopit4me – Online shopping vs in-store shopping

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There is a tremendous shift that is being noticed among the shoppers in relation with  the type of shopping they choose to do. Let’s take a closer look at this prevailing scenario.


Online shopping has become a lot prevalent across the globe, more and more people are getting inclined towards adopting this affair. This is quick, feasible and hassle free and there are several other reasons which have made this contemporary way of shopping a lot viral. Now a days the keen shoppers make use of their cell phones, tablets, laptops and other devices to purchase goods from the internet.  With just a few mouse clicks they are able to cart all what they wish to acquire and their order gets delivered to them in very less time.  In this case one can say that internet shopping saves a lot of time, money and energy.  It also assists shoppers in saving a great portion of their hard earned money by offering them exciting offers/ deals/discounts.  There is a lot more that makes internet shopping popular among the community of shoppers and encourages them to shop online.

Just like the two sides of a coin, there still exists a group with traditional beliefs, the one which follows the old norms. This faction believes that in-store shopping is much better than shopping over the internet. There are several notions attached to this which makes the traditional shoppers to stick to old methods of making a purchase from a mortar brick shop. According to them interaction is the driving force. A traditional in-store boasts of productive interaction as the buyer can directly communicate with the sales person present right in front of his eyes.  They can give the exact information regarding the product choice and budget at the time of looking for a specific product. The sales person here wins the advantage of directly interacting with the shoppers while the websites anticipates such situations with knowledge and experience only.

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The traditional shoppers often fear of private information leakage on the web and hence choose in-store shopping over trading from an Online shopping store. They feel if they let their personal details float on the web then it might get used and abused by the fraud dealers, thus they tend to avoid the entire online business affair.  Though the internet has a limitless selection to offer, they prefer visiting a market place or a store and making a choice from the limited collection available. Internet shopping is certainly cost effective, yet the old methods of purchasing merchandise and services still exist.  In many ways traditional shopping gives a great competition to e-shopping. On one hand there are consumers who enjoy buying online while there still exist a few who cannot abandon their old habits.  Both online shopping and traditional shopping have a long way to go; But who makes it first is the question. There is a parallel approach when it comes to the two and have their own methodologies to please the consumers in their own diverse ways, the rivalry still persists and so do the rivals.

Shopit4me – How to Increase your Facebook Likes

Facebook is the most important social media channel for promotion and branding your organization. Today Facebook is the most important tool for promotion followed by LinkedIn and pinterest.

There are more than 1 billion active users on Facebook around the world and this number is continuously growing. If Facebook users were all in one country, it would be the largest country in the world. If you don;t have any account on Facebook, now this is the time to join.

Learn how to increase your Facebook Likes

1.Make connections: Connect to Facebook – Connect with Facebook admins who serve a similar demographic and develop a cross-promotion strategy. For example- ice cream owners can connect and cross promote with a pizza shop since they likely have the same customers.

Invite your email subscribers via email provide them with a description and an incentive to like your page. There is also an email feature that can be used to advertise specifically to those who ignore your invite

2. Share original content on your Facebook page:

Share content which your fans so they will share it with their friends. Photos are the most popular type of content shared on social media with 43% of survey respondents indicating they do so. Photos are most likely to be seen by your fans.

49% of social media users share content that allows them to inform others about things they care about and have the potential to change opinions or encourage action.

68% of social media users share content so they can give their friends a better sense of who they are and what they are care about.

84% of social media users share content that allows them support causes they care about.

3. Be active on Facebook

  • Comment on other pages where your target audience is already having conversations.
  • Start by liking the pages then keep an eye on their posts that pop up in your news feed.
  • Make sure your comments add to the conversation and help you build relationship.
  • Tread lightly when doing this, you don’t want to cross any lines and upset other page owners.

4. Promote your Facebook page

Promoting online, in emails and on your site is important but it is also important to promote offline and try to promote your Facebook page everywhere.

Use a simple customized user name that is easy for others to read and search for online.

Include your Facebook info on all promotional materials used at your event, it is a poster at your stand or on flyers you are handing out.

When you meet new people make new connections, have phone calls or meetings mention your page and encourage them to like it.

5. Link your Facebook page to Twitter

Link your Facebook page to your Twitter account so your Facebook posts will automatically be posted on your Twitter account. You can choose what gets posted (status update, photos links etc).


Shopit4me – How Content Marketing grow your business

How to grow your business using content marketing

Providing prospects with relevant content and engaging them in a conversation about their needs will create a unique relationship with your brand.In order to grow, businesses have to adapt content marketing into their strategy.


New Rules of Content Marketing:

1. Treat keywords like Hotsauce.

2.have a voice or Brand customers can identify with.

3.Build trust with transparency.

4.Make the most of Great Idea with multiple formats.

5.Headlines are everything.

6.Use the news.

7.You can’t stock the cupboards Until you take out the trash.

8.Don’t just post.. Engage

9. Invite yourself to someone Else’s party once in a while.

10.Remember that great content Invites likes.

11.Build your content from an ongoing plan.

12. The best inspiration comes from several different sources.

13.Quality is as important as quantity.

14.Quantity still matters.

15.Stop buying content from the Bargain Bin.

16.Know your biggest content marketing enemy.

17.Use one piece of content to promote another.

18.Recycle your greater hits.

19.Always ask the key question about the piece of content.

20. Use your content to turn searches, readers and fans into buyers. – Social Media is changing the e-commerce trend.


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Social media has not only gained acceptance, but has transformed the way that people communicate with each other. Similarly, as more and more people shop online, e-commerce has gained in popularity. So it was natural for the two to integrate with each other to maximize the profits for either of them.

The ever increasing e-commerce industry has resulted in a steady increase in companies that have started to offer products online. Not only are new e-commerce companies rapidly increasing every second day, but established brick and mortar stores have started their own online divisions to take advantage of this trend.


With this increasing competition, companies have started to search for techniques to make them stand apart. They want to increase their visibility and hope that this increased visibility leads to increase in sales. For this, many companies are making use of social media platforms. They are using social media platforms to increase awareness of their products. With social media reaching an estimated one out of four people in the world, this has become a tool with endless potential.

Forbes called Instagram “the world’s most powerful selling tool”. This is not surprising considering that people don’t go to social media sites anymore to just converse with each other. They use social media sites to get news and even shop. This, in turn, has lead to retail companies devoting more resources to develop strategies which targets these social media users. For this, they create pages on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. This online presence is then converted to brand awareness by trying to get as many people as possible to “like” or “follow” your company.

                    e-commerce simpleSince social media sites give the users the capability to add images, e-commerce companies use this to add images of products they want to sell. Along with the image, they also add links to the products’ web page thus allowing the users to go to the webpage to buy the item. So anytime a follower likes the post, the company’s product becomes visible to friends of the followers. This is extremely beneficial for the customers. Suppose Alex decides to buy a shoe. He searches on the net for websites selling shoes. He decides that he will check out the top 4 websites to make the selection. Even if each website provides approximately 80 shoes, that is almost 320 pairs, that he will have to look at before making a decision. This will leave him a confused mess. To solve this, he simply follows the pages of his favorite e-commerce sites and if any of them have offers on shoes that appeal to him, he buys them by clicking on the link given on the page.

To further help e-commerce websites, social media websites have started the procedure of adding “buy” buttons which would allow the customer to buy shoes directly without the need to even leave the page.
E-commerce businesses have also started to utilize tools that help them analyze the customer’s tastes and behavior using their social media habits. This helps e-commerce websites create strategies for targeted marketing and ensure that what they make sells.

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Businesses have barely scratched the surface when it comes to social media websites. There is vast potential which is yet to be exploited and in the coming years, e-commerce websites are sure to make use of this.


Shopit4me – Online retail trends & prediction for 2014

It’s a brave new world. Online shopping is the buzzword on everybody’s lips. The only way that these portals managed to get so popular was because of a few key decisions.

The massive upswing in online retail in the past few years has not been surprising considering that an increasing number of people are getting technology savvy. Many new customers are giving online shopping a chance. This is because the e-commerce business made changes in their marketing and sales strategies to make it more attractive to the consumer.
The biggest trend in online retail has been the use of social media. E-commerce is changing with the times. With an estimated one out of four people being on some kind of social media site, it was only natural for online retail stores to target these. Social media sites allow for the addition of thumbnails. So, online stores add thumbnails and links to products they are selling. This allows them to advertise their products and the special sale to a much larger audience. Social media sites have a feature called “share” that allows people to literally share what they like with others. Thus, e-commerce is able to reach an even larger audience.
The next development in online retail is the increasing share of mobile shoppers. The share of people who use their mobile phones for online shopping has increased dramatically. The first thing they did was to develop websites compatible to mobile phones and tablets. From there, online stores have developed methods allowing users to pay from their mobile phones. As time goes on, there is bound to be even more people who use their mobile phones to shop.
The next major change in online shopping comes in the form of customized products. This is being done to provide a more personal experience to users. Online stores have realized that many customers want customized items that match their personalities. To accomplish this, they have enabled the users to personalize the items for sale. Things like engravings, choosing bag zips and colors are all ways that allow users to feel like they are a “part of the product”. This isn’t the only form of customization. Online stores use information gathered on clients about their tastes and preferences from their social media pages to try and increase sales. This is done by targeted selling.
Finally, there are some changes being brought on by newer online stores to try and challenge the status quo and the stronghold of the established names. An example of this is many newer sites providing free returns as well as free shipping on large cart sizes. So if large stores don’t provide these services, newer stores can make use of this to stand apart from them.
Conclusion: Moving forward, stores need to either adapt or perish. This means trying out new things and making sure that customer experience is what is emphasized. After all, the aim of all online stores is to want customers to come back for more.

Shopit4me – Role of Facebook in Online Shopping


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Two trends that have changed the world are social media and online shopping. Both of these innovations have brought the world extremely close, in terms of both business, as well as communication.

We have all heard how Facebook, the world’s largest social media site, has around 500 million users. E-commerce business is presently worth around $500 billion and is all set to triple in the next few years. Their marriage with each other was just a natural progression.

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Every one in four people in the world are on a social networking site. This presents a massive opportunity for e-commerce businesses. If they can channel the reach of social media websites, they have millions of prospective customers. This is why almost all online shopping portals create pages on Facebook. However, merely having a social media presence isn’t enough anymore. E-commerce businesses have started putting thumbnails of the product they want to sell along with links to help customers go to the webpage to buy it. It also allows users to “Like” and “Share” which further advertises the products to other users.
Facebook allows its users to add comments for products. So users can add their own feedback for products they have used. This allows different people to read the feedback and make informed decisions on a product they want to buy. It also allows users to share information about best e-commerce websites to buy products from.
Facebook is a boon for small online stores. Since the cost of setup is virtually nil, even the smallest e-commerce business can use it to create a page and advertise their products on it. Every user of Facebook is a potential customer. It also helps these businesses reach a much larger audience than would otherwise have been possible. With Facebook, you are no longer relegated to attracting domestic customers, but you can attract international customers as well.
Many e-commerce companies have begun to realize the potential that Facebook has in terms of targeting specific people. E-commerce companies have started using tools to understand the tastes and behavior of people. They can then use this information to target specific people. This helps them to convert potential leads to sales.
The latest development from Facebook is the addition of a “buy” button on pages of specific e-commerce websites. This would allow the user to buy products from the e-commerce website without the need to even leave the Facebook page. This is a major positive for the e-commerce websites because it has been estimated that people are 18 times more likely to buy something from Facebook pages when compared to them having to click on an external link. Although still in the development stage, there has been an overwhelming positive response from both the e-commerce business owners, as well as the customers who were in the test group for this.
Conclusion: All of these changes have made Facebook an irreplaceable tool when it comes to online shopping. And the funny thing is that this is just the beginning. Companies have yet to harness the full power of the social media. With a potential customer base of 500 million people, sky is the limit for e-commerce websites.


Shopit4me – Why are more people choosing online shopping

Shopit4me – Online shopping center

With the recent developments in the e-commerce world, the question on many people’s minds is why more and more people are choosing online shopping. The answer is pretty clear. It is because online shopping possesses considerable advantages that can’t be replicated by offline shopping. Let us take a look at some of these advantages that online shopping affords its customers.

Shopit4me-Online Shopping

  1. The Time Factor: Going out and shopping in stores consumes a lot of time. Online shopping helps save this time. You come back from a hard day at work, remember that you want a laptop bag. But it is so hot outside. You are incredibly tired. What do you do? Do you suck it up and go waste an hour to reach the market, another couple to shop and an hour to come back. That is 4 hours for buying a small product. However now, you simply have to log on to your favourite e-commerce website and order the bag. You pay for it online, or leave the money with the watchman and voila, your bag arrives the next day.
  2. Cost: Suppose you want to buy a new television. You go to a store and the salesman tells you about the different sets available. You think to yourself that even though everything seems nice, you should still check the reviews of these sets on the internet from people who have actually used them. So you get back home and search the net. Along with the reviews, you also find out that e-commerce sites are offering the same set, but thousands of rupees cheaper. Wow! But why is that? What we fail to take into account is that the brick and mortar store you went to had more related costs. For example, they have to pay the salesman who told you all about the TV sets or for the space that they are renting out to hold all the products. Such additional costs are what make the prices go up and online stores have no such additional costs, making them a bargain! So buying a new TV from the online store from which you save so much money would definitely be the better deal, don’t you think?!
  3. Added features: With increasing competition, online stores have begun doling out additional features. Cash on delivery and free shipping are some of the latest features being offered to the customers which makes these portals even more enticing.
  4. Anonymous shopping: Another advantage that online shopping can provide would be its anonymity and the fact that you can shop discreetly. This very fact can be quite a life-saver for some. For example, if a husband wants to buy lingerie for his wife or some women find it difficult to buy certain personal care products out in the open. Then the anonymity that the Internet provides can be a blessing.
  5. Savings: I don’t know if this happens with you, but there are quite a few people who go to the market looking to buy object A, but end up buying object C, D, and E too. See there are a lot of distractions when you go to a market and it is only human nature to get sidetracked and buy a lot more that you require. With online shopping, that worry is taken care of. On a virtual store all you have to do is search for the product you need buy, and exit. Must read this post: How E-shopping makes one’s life easier

With all these benefits that online shopping offers, it’s not really a surprise that e-commerce is taking over the world and that there are numerous websites being launched at the blink of an eye.

An online shop is the next Go-To destination! Hit one now!

Shopit4me – How e-shopping makes one’s life easier

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Shopit4me – Best Online Shopping Hub in India

E-shopping has changed the landscape of the retail industry. It managed to do so by providing features that simply weren’t being provided by the physical stores.

It only took a few years for online shopping to become a behemoth that it is now. Let us examine a few reasons as to why this happened.
Physical, or brick and mortar stores, require shoppers to leave the comfort of their homes, travel through traffic and face parking problems just to buy a small product. Online stores removed this requirement altogether. All the user needs to do is to log on to a store’s website and order the product. In this way, a lot of time is saved. This appeals to a lot of people because you are getting the product without even stepping out of your own house.


Another advantage e-shopping provides the customer is the cheaper rates of products. Offline stores have a lot of related costs like salaries of salesmen and paying bills like electricity and rent. This, in turn, is passed on to the consumer. E-shopping saves on the additional expenditures and passes on this saving to the customers. In effect, e-shopping affords the same product to the customer at a cheaper rate. So why would a customer choose to shop offline when he can save money by shopping online.

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E-shopping has another major benefit. It allows the consumer the ability to browse through lots of products before buying. Whereas, brick and mortar stores have limited space, which means that they only have a limited amount of merchandise. Having choices gives the customer the ability to compare the attributes of the different goods and buy the one that matches his or her needs.  Once again, e-shopping is more advantageous to the customer.


E-shopping has enabled users to share experiences online. This has become an invaluable tool used by a lot of people to help them decide what they want to buy. These types of features are appreciated by customers because it is basically there to help them and it makes e-shopping even more attractive to prospective buyers.

Conclusion: Whether it is new gadgets, apparels or groceries, e-shopping has become the choice for many people. The share of e-shopping portals has increased tremendously and it shows no sign of slowing down in the near future. This has actually led to creation of many start-ups in the field of e-commerce. The vast potential has made brick and mortar stores look into the e-commerce business for themselves. Superstores like Reliance Mart have opened their own portals to take advantage of this budding field. At the end of the day, it is the customers that reap the advantage.